Cloud VPS

Dedicated resource with standalone root access & configuration

Get full control over the server and hosting that you manage with full root access on VPS Hosting. Upgrade resources at any time according to your needs to accommodate super high website traffic!

Best Cloud VPS Server Features

Dedicated IP address

Full root access

Various control panel options

Data loss protection with RAID-10

More than 50 OS choices, from CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, to Fedora

100Mb / S network link with 99.9% uptime guarantee

Help with migrating to cPanel VPS

Burstable RAM 2X more than dedicated RAM

Data loss protection with RAID-10

Why Buy VPS at Dope?

VPS Cloud Hosting resources will keep websites online and fast even if traffic is soaring or because private server.

Various Panel Options

You can use cPanel (WHM), Webuzo, VestaCP, or other panels.

Auto Deploy Panel

Enjoy the ease of OS and panel installation with the Auto Deploy Panel feature.

Various OS Choices

A variety of OS options are available, from CentOS to Ubuntu. Choose the one that suits you best.


You can easily install applications such as OpenVPN on the VPS server with the TUN / TAP feature.

99.98% Uptime Guarantee

The server is guaranteed 99.98% uptime with a 100MB / S network link. So no need to worry about downtime!

Cloud System with SSD

Have a reliable server performance and is no less matched by the latest generation of Intel processors, RAM 128.

Cheapest VPS price in Indonesia

Rp. 205.920$Every month
  • Super Dope
  • Cloud VPS

  • Ram 1 GB

    Cpuz 2.4 GHz

    Disk Space 20 GB

    Bandwith 1000 GB

Rp. 380.160$Every month
  • Hyper Dope
  • Cloud VPS

  • Ram 4 GB

    Cpuz 4.8 GHz

    Disk Space 40 GB

    Bandwith 2000 GB

Rp. 207.900$Every month
  • Mega Dope
  • Cloud VPS

  • Ram 3 GB

    Cpuz 7.2 GHz

    Disk Space 60 GB

    Bandwith 3000 GB

Rp. 712.800$Every month
  • Ultra Dope
  • Cloud VPS

  • Ram 4 GB

    Cpuz 9.6 GHz

    Disk Space 80 GB

    Bandwith 4000 GB

Rp. 1.039.500$Every month
  • Monster Dope
  • Cloud VPS

  • Ram 6 GB

    Cpuz 14.4 GHz

    Disk Space 120 GB

    Bandwith 6000 GB

Rp. 1.247.400$Every month
  • Dope God
  • Cloud VPS

  • Ram 8 GB

    Cpuz 19.2 GHz

    Disk Space 160 GB

    Bandwith 8000 GB

Get Full Control of your Cloud VPS Server!

Full Root Access

With full root access, you have full control of the server and its configuration.

Dedicated IP Address

The cheap VPS package at Dope has been equipped with a dedicated IP address for your website without the need to pay additional fees.

Easy Resource Upgrade

You can start with a small resource first and then upgrade the resource as needed at any time.

VPS Routine Monitoring and Backup

Monitoring Server

Even though you manage the server yourself, we still monitor the server all the time.

Weekly Auto Backup

Always ready to backup at any time. Prevent losing important data on your website with Weekly Auto Backup.

Backup with 1-Click Snapshot

Backup / restore all files and VPS server configurations at any time with just one click.

Choose the OS and Panel for your VPS Hosting freely

You are free to choose the OS and panel you will use. Choose the OS and panel combination that best suits your needs. From CentOS to Suse, everything is there! Need a panel or no panel? Both can!

Safety and stability are the main advantages of CentOS. Its compatibility with cPanel also makes it easy for you to manage multiple hosting accounts.


– CentOS 6 64bit
– CentOS 7 64bit
– CentOS 7 64bit minimal
– CentOS 7 64bit with cPanel and WHM
– CentOS 7 64bit with Plesk Onyx
– CentOS 7 64bit with VestaCP
– CentOS 7 64bit with Webmin
– CentOS 7 64bit with Webmin/Virtualmin/LAMP
– CentOS 7 64bit Webuzo

Debian is suitable for expert developers who need a safe and stable OS with a large selection of free software that is qualified.


– Debian 8 64bit
– Debian 8 64bit with VestaCP
– Debian 8 64bit with Webmin
– Debian 8 64bit with Webmin/Virtualmin/LAMP
– Debian 9 64bit
– Debian 9 64bit with VestaCP
– Debian 9 64bit with Webmin
– Debian 9 64bit with Webmin/Virtualmin/LAMP

Ubuntu OS is suitable for beginners for the first time using VPS. The large community of Ubuntu users makes it easy for you to find a guide to using Ubuntu.


– Ubuntu 14.04 64bit
– Ubuntu 16.04 64bit
– Ubuntu 16.04 64bit minimal
– Ubuntu 16.04 64bit with LXDE Desktop
– Ubuntu 16.04 64bit with VestaCP
– Ubuntu 16.04 64bit with Webmin
– Ubuntu 16.04 64bit with Webmin/Virtualmin/LAMP
– Ubuntu 16.04 64bit with Webuzo
– Ubuntu 18.04 64bit
– Ubuntu 18.04 64bit minimal
– Ubuntu 18.04 64bit with Plesk Onyx
– Ubuntu 18.04 64bit with VestaCP
– Ubuntu 18.04 64bit with Webmin
– Ubuntu 18.04 64bit with Webmin/Virtualmin/LAMP

OS developed from Red Hat is suitable for developers who work using the Red Hat system.


– Fedora 23 64 bit

Suse stability is not in doubt. You can install various software and applications on Suse without sacrificing OS stability.


– Suse 42.2 64bit

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