Please read consider before using this website. Use of services and features that you must accept the terms and conditions that apply. Violating or canceling any of the following terms and conditions will result in sanctions to account cancellation with or without approval.



You agree to agree and not oppose Dope from various claims arising from the use of our services. Dope is not responsible for the files, data, content of the websites of users of Dope services. All services provided by Dope can only be used for legitimate purposes. Use of our services for copyright is protected by law. This also includes unauthorized publications of music, books, photos or other copyrighted works. The winner or seller of counterfeit products or merchandise from the trademark holder will have an impact on your account cancellation. All accounts found to be copyrighted by others will be transferred. And all accounts found to delete copyright repeatedly with canceled remember that will be removed from our service.



  • Pornography, SARA, public contempt and decency
  • Matters that can cause dispute, anxiety, and terror
  • Copyrighted material without the owner’s permission
  • Material that can be used for things taken by all parties
  • Ponzy, pyramid scheme and other forms of agreement
  • Phishing, automatic likes, automatic bots and the like.


Other materials that are not in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Indonesia

We reserve the right to refuse providing our services to anyone. All content included in the above explanation can be removed from our server with or without notice.


Domain Name Registration

Domain names must be approved and not approved by IPR, IPR, Patent / Trademark Rights. Domain names are unlawful & approved – an invitation valid in Indonesia. Deactivating a domain name without requesting a refund / refund.


Use of Hosting Services

Users DO NOT use our services to:


  • Sending mass emails and or SPAM (more details will be discussed in another article)
  • Install IRC bot, PsyBNC, and processes related to IRC
  • Installing web proxy scripts, mail proxies, and other types of proxies
  • Perform DDOS, port scanning, sniffing, system exploits, and other hacking actions
  • Torrent website, RapidLech or other peer to peer applications
  • Share files or to save data or files that contain copyright
  • Save backup files from other services or make excessive backups


Streaming Website by uploading video content and the like for streaming purposes – approval if embedding videos using services such as YouTube and the like


Policy on the Use of Resources and the Definition of “Unlimited”


Dope provides unlimited disk space and bandwidth (data transfer) on student, personal and business packages. This means Dope will not set specific limits for resources and you can use the resources needed. Each Dope uses a fair use policy (Fair Use Policy) that applies to all accounts. The Dope Fair Use Policy explains that if you use resources that comprise CPU, RAM, and Disk Space from servers that are in excess of that used on the same hosting server on the same server, the resources will be accessible or used in some cases, but not necessarily, your account can be changed before you upgrade the account to a package that is more suitable for the needs or to solve the problem of using the resources on the account no longer cause hassle for other users on the same server. Dope provides unlimited hosting services for all websites with normal needs such as on general websites. Dope does not allow the use of websites or applications that can cause disruption (such as the use of addon domains and databases that exceed 3GB) and continuous overload on the server.


Dope is a web hosting company and all files uploaded on Dope are for the purpose of creating a website. Disk space on hosting account, or harassment, document archives or other types of archives, file backups (with the approval of a single cPanel backup that is protected)

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